Excellent sriracha chicken pineapple salad and other notes on mason jars

28 Apr


I´ve been looking forward to try a recipe that´s been on my list this past week, a sriracha chicken salad, It was delicious, as expected! You can find the recipe on this great blog, The Healthy Maven, by Davida. Going to my “best recipes” book for future reference!

It also got me curious about this whole new trend around mason jars, Every blog, magazines or posts I see online on the topic bring to us salads, cocktails, smoothies out of these new hip recipients.

I don´t know about you but this reminds me of the jars my grandmother used for making jams back when I was a child. I don´t see the point adding more things into my tiny kitchen when I can use my great  collection of mugs (I own something close to 20 of them) or my bento boxes (I’m a fan of those, they’re practical and they’re cute).

However I’m not a fan of judging without testing, and my bento box just shattered in pieces, so while I was shopping in the city center, I got one jar for salad making and a smaller version for drinks. It cost me less than 3 euros for both at Xenos, so I thought why not try?

I’ve seen lots of fitness instructors selling those as “very practical to bring salads on the go” so we’ll see about that. More posts to come if this is a success…


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